CSNNAA members are leaders in the Holistic Nutrition Industry. As graduates of CSNN, they are trained in Natural Nutrition and their principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impacts of optimal nutrition.

They conduct themselves as professionals in every aspect of their work and follow a strict Code of Ethics and rigid Standards of Practice which makes them well respected within the industry. These guidelines serve to ensure an environment of self-regulation. As well, they guide our members to conduct themselves with the utmost concern for empowering their clients’ towards health and well-being.

Our members are advocates for global wellness through nutrition. They are in clinics working alongside other wellness practitioners and medical doctors, in private practice, television show hosts, public speakers, acclaimed authors and vocal advocates for global wellness through nutrition. They push the boundaries of conventional nutritional thinking, engaging in research and asking the tough questions. Our members are trailblazers.