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How Your Cookware Impacts Your Health

by Vida Shahriar, R.H.N., JD, BA (simplyvida.ca) Cookware There are a variety of different cookware and storage containers used daily […]

Menopause, Symptoms or Messages?

by Anabela Souto (www.nutriessence.ca) A New Cycle Begins … Perimenopause, is a transitional period in a woman’s life, and is […]

Eating in Season: Chickpea Salad Three Ways

By Sherry Mowbray, R.H.N. (sherrymowbray.net) Almost everyone loves to eat outside in the summer. Am I right? If you’re like […]

Understanding Stomach Acid and Natural Ways to Boost It

By Vida Shahriar, R.H.N., JD, BA (simplyvida.ca) Stomach Acid Defined Stomach acid is a digestive fluid that is produced in […]

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Cookies

by Dani (www.foodandsoul.ca) I love being able to start my day off right, but that doesn’t mean that I always […]

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