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Tracey Reed, B.Ed, C.H.N.C. & Luka Symons, B.A., C.H.N.C.

Histamine Haven: The Essential Guide and Cookbook to Histamine and Mast Cell Activation

Histamine Haven is a resource guide and cookbook designed to share the science behind histamine intolerance and mast cell activation disorders. Tracey Reed and Luka Symons, both holistic nutrition professionals, share how changing their diet allowed them to navigate these conditions and symptoms with ease. They provide detailed information, helpful tips and tricks, and more than 140 easy recipes that lead to a delicious and empowering journey to wellness.

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Diana Mikas, B.A., R.H.N.

How To Do Self Love: Break through unworthiness, Master self-confidence and Be happy every single day

How to do Self Love empowers you to understand the forces holding you back from feeling fulfilled and confident in your life. It guides you with science and Chakra energy practices and teaches how to elevate your energy to find the light within - attracting all you want from an open and free heart.

Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Meals That Heal Inflammation

Meals That Heal Inflammation, is my extensively researched book that explores six causes of inflammation. It helps you become a body detective to discover the root of your pain. Build a healthy kitchen full of healing foods to explore delicious recipes that deliver fantastic meals while avoiding common pain triggers.

Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Slimming Meals That Heal

Slimming Meals That Heal teaches you the science of permanent weight loss while satisfying your cravings, fuelling your body, and balancing your hormones. Donʼt Diet, Live-It!
Explore delicious recipes that deliver fantastic meals while avoiding strain, brain drain & inflammatory pain.

Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Hot Detox

Hot Detox supports every major organ of your body as you cleanse. Learn the science of detoxification as it has never been explained before, along with beautiful and easy-to-understand medical illustrations and recipes.
Get ready for THE easy plan that'll give you a warm, happy glow and help you look hotter than you have in years!

Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Becoming Sugar-Free

In my latest book, Becoming Sugar-Free, I walk you through everything you need to know to create a powerful sugar-free lifestyle. From why sugar is one of the most harmful food ingredients, to how to make easy swaps for healthy sweeteners, this book helps you kick sugar to the curb. I share what happens in your brain when you eat sweets and how to elegantly conquer emotional eating.

Meredith Deasley, B.A., RNCP, R.H.N.

The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids: Understand Food, Understand Your Child

In her breakout book, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids, Meredith guides parents through the maze of conflicting information surrounding food sensitivities and allergies, providing them with the tools they need.

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Meredith Deasley, B.A., RNCP, R.H.N.

The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Emotional Health

Just as Meredith's first book, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids, set a high standard in helping families raise the healthiest child possible physically, this book explains everything a parent needs to know to raise the healthiest child possible emotionally.

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Meredith Deasley, B.A., RNCP, R.H.N.

The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Spiritual Vitality

This final book of The Resourceful Mother’s health trilogy is her best yet, hands down. Once again, Meredith’s breadth of knowledge, fascinating stories and down-to-earth writing style demystify another key component of great health - modern day spirituality.

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Marcella Kimmel, R.H.N.

I Promise Not To Yell: 9 Steps to Feeling Better & Living Healthier

With her new book, “I Promise Not To Yell. 9 Steps To Feeling Better And Living Healthier”, author Marcella Kimmel takes a fresh and fun approach to deliver her health advice. Each chapter opens with a real-life, relatable story that then segues into a detailed lesson and ends with 'homework' that lays out the practical steps readers need to begin their well-being journey.

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Lucy Williams R.H.N.

Solaced: 101 True Stories About Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope

This eye-opening read gives a fresh perspective on corsetry as it addresses the controversial hype that has since swept the media. With one testimony at a time, discover how the unassuming corset relieves pain for those who suffer from chronic illness and pain disorders; provides physical protection during frightening mugging attempts and shielding blows from assailants; soothes those suffering from deep grief, social disorders, anxiety and PTSD; as well as plays a crucial role toward recovery for survivors of vehicle collisions, stroke, and cancer patients alike.

Books by past CHNC speakers

Dr. Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, FNTP

Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection

Dr. Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, FNTP

Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature, and the Body

Dr. Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, FNTP

The Good Mood Kitchen: Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance

Dr. Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, FNTP

Eat Right, Feel Right: Over 80 Recipes and Tips to Improve Mood, Sleep, Attention & Focus

Bonnie J. Kaplan, Phd And Julia J. Rucklidge, Phd

The Better Brain: Overcome anxiety, combat depression and reduce ADHD and stress with nutrition

A paradigm-shifting approach to treating mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and ADHD with food and nutrients, by two leading scientists who share their original, groundbreaking research with readers everywhere for the first time. Learn more here:

Dr. Kaplan was recently named one of the Top 7 Over 70 in Calgary:

Ellen Vora, MD

The Anatomy of Anxiety: Understanding and overcoming the Body's Fear response

From acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora comes a groundbreaking approach to understanding how anxiety manifests in the body and mind — and how we can overcome it.

More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety in any given year, a number that has only increased as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like most mental health issues, conventional medicine tends to view anxiety as a “neck up” problem; that is, a problem of brain chemistry and psychology.