Remembering The 11th Annual CHNC 2018  – Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver


Mental Health: Feeding the Brain, Nourishing the Mind – May 5, 2018

Toronto Gallery 2018

Calgary Gallery 2018

Vancouver Gallery 2018



Julie Daniluk:


“Enhanced Learning, Mood and Attention Span with Nutrition and Mindfulness Training”


Dr. Stephanie Seneff:


“Autism and Glyphosate: Connecting the Dots”


Dr. Nigel Plummer:


“The Microbiome-Brain Connection: The Potential for Probiotics to Positively Affect Mental Health & Cognitive Function”


Valerie Pringle:


“Why I Am An Advocate for Mental Health (Give Your Head a Shake)”


Dr. Elvis Ali:


“Understanding the causes of inflammation and oxidative stress that cause brain impairment”


Dr. Drew Ramsey:


“Brain Food: The Evidence and Clinical Applications of Nutritional Psychiatry”

Dr. Bruce Hoffman:


“Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment”

Tracey Reed:


“The Changing Brain:  Nutritional Support for Brain Plasticity”

Dr. Melina Roberts:


“The Thyroid-Mental Health Connection”

Katolen Yardley:


“A Return to Holism: Herbal Medicine & Holistic Protocols for Supporting Depression and Anxiety”

Kate Hutchinson:


“What’s Behind the Coconut Ketogenic Diet for Neurological Health?”

Lisa Kilgour:


“Can Stress Shrink our Brain?”


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