Welcome to the 11th Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference


Mental Health: Feeding the Brain, Nourishing the Mind

The only comprehensive and current educational event in the Holistic Nutrition Industry. Presenting industry leading speakers and exhibitors in an all-inclusive presentation of hands-on techniques and viewpoints centered on nutrition. Learn and network with other passionate and dedicated holistic health and wellness professionals.


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Here’s What People are Saying

“The entire day was filled with friendship, knowledge, mentors and was pivotal in improving my practice. Everyone was approachable, the vendors were warm, friendly and very helpful. The products and books were excellent and having such an array of excellence in one room was wonderful. It was so much fun and there were so many surprises – I had the best day!”

Penny Hopp

“I attended the CHNC 2017 online and thoroughly enjoyed it. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the subject they spoke about, were enthusiastic and presented the material in a well-organized, easy to follow manner. I found some important tips to either follow up on or use in my future practice.”

Ann G. Quebec

“The Conference was educational and extremely well presented. All the speakers had something different to share, but all seemed linked which was fantastic. I came away with lots of things to use for my clients. I love to hear from MDs who are on board with more of the natural alternatives, very encouraging.”

Linda Murphy

“I look forward to this event every year and can’t wait to see the topic for 2018. I love the vibe, I love the connections you make, I love meeting making new contacts and new friends. When you live in a village and have a predominately on-line business its so important to go to this events and put yourself out there, network and see what’s new in your field. It was amazing!”

Maggie Chilton

Ways to Participate at the CHNC 2018


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