15th Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference – Calgary

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2023 Hybrid Event!

We are delighted to announce that, for the first time in 3 years, we will hold a LIVE, IN-PERSON conference in Toronto, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta. We will ALSO be streaming the Toronto speakers live for people who prefer to watch online.

Calgary: Riviera Plaza Calgary Airport
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Mental Health: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit

The annual CHNC is the largest and most well-known holistic nutrition event in Canada. We hope you will join us for an inspiring day of learning and connecting!

As holistic nutrition practitioners we know that true wellness is the result of a collection of factors, and that our bodies, minds and spirits all have critical roles to play in this equation. In the past few years there has been a growing awareness on how our mental health affects our overall health. That’s why the theme of the 2023 Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference is focused on mental health, and how it connects all the different aspects of our wellbeing.

At this conference prepare to hear from global experts on a wide variety of topics related to mental health in all areas of mind, body and spirit. We can’t wait to see you in person, or online, for another amazing conference!

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CHNC 2023 Calgary speakers

Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD

Hidden Brain Hunger is Driving the Mental Health Crisis

Our society is conducting a public health experiment on itself by voluntarily eliminating over 50% of the micronutrients that our brains require for optimal function. The results are skyrocketing mental health problems and dementia. What most people do not know is that these results were predictable, and that the most important way all of us can improve our mental function and resilience is by feeding our brains. The research proving these causal relationships will be reviewed, to empower listeners to move toward better brain health.


Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, FNTP

Nutritional Therapies for Post-Traumatic Stress and its Physical Sequelae - livestreamed from Toronto

The holistic nutrition professional treats many clients with post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma, knowingly or not. Trauma is a dis/ease of disguise, presenting various physical and emotional symptoms. GERD, IBS, IBD, and disordered eating, especially bulimia, alongside anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, substance abuse, diabetes, and dementia, are all highly associated with a traumatic etiology. Knowing how trauma exposure affects mental and physical well-being provides nutrition professionals with an effective roadmap to aid their clients at every stage of health restoration. In this talk Dr. Korn will explore how PTSD affects the ability to enact self-care and how to address the special interpersonal needs of the trauma survivor to ensure success. Drawing on the Brainbow Blueprint as a roadmap to health, this presentation will review the numerous dynamic methods and interventions professionals can use to support their clients with PTSD and complex trauma. A brief overview of assessment, the effects of trauma on the HPA axis and mitochondrial function, and the impact of common PTSD medications on nutritional status set the stage to define the rationale for interventions using culinary medicine, diet and supplementation including vitamins, minerals, and (OTC) glandulars.


Kelly Aiello, C.H.N.C.

Food for Thought: Managing Anxiety & Depression Naturally

In this presentation, listeners will discover common reasons for mood disorders like anxiety and depression, as well as what can be done about them. Topics will include an overview of the basics of neuronutrition, the main substances that hurt the brain (foods to lose), the top nutrients that boost mood (foods to choose), supportive supplements for both anxiety and depression, and simple lifestyle modifications that can help.


Dr. Jacqueline Cooper, ND

First Line Defense Strategies for Anxiety, Depression & Other Mental Health Concerns - livestreamed from Toronto

The incidence of mental health concerns accelerated through the pandemic. According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 4 Canadians screened positive for symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress in the spring of 2021. # Pharmaceutical medications can help reduce symptoms in a percentage of affected individuals. But for some, this relief comes at a heavy cost with undesirable side effects and little-to-no improvement. There is so much within the scope of holistic nutritionists that can provide meaningful improvements in symptoms and quality of life by addressing key foundational issues. This lecture will discuss the powerful first-line approaches that can be implemented safely alone or alongside pharmaceutical treatments. Key objectives to be covered:

  • The role of protein deficiency in anxiety disorders and depression, including the link between HCl and mood dysregulation
  • How to mitigate the effects of stress on neurotransmitter production and function
  • How do underlying issues like dysautonomia or systemic inflammation complicate a case and hinder improvement if not addressed
  • How do these underlying conditions relate to long hauler’s struggle with sleep, energy levels, and mood regulation post-infection

# Reference: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/210927/dq210927a-eng.pdf

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Seminars, teleconferences, and webinars are for educational purposes only and are intended for licensed healthcare practitioners. These therapies are not substitutions for standard medical care. Practitioners are solely responsible for the care and treatment provided to their own patients. The information provided by speakers in this educational program together with any written material do not necessarily represent the views of Atrium Innovations and are not intended as medical advice.
Dr. Jacqueline Cooper, ND, is a retained advisor to Atrium Innovations.


Ellen Vora, MD

The Anatomy of Anxiety - livestreamed from Toronto

In her presentation Dr. Vora will explore a paradigm-shifting approach to managing anxiety, based on the understanding that anxiety is not all in our heads, but also in our bodies. She'll discern the difference between avoidable anxiety and purposeful anxiety, and counsel listeners on how to eliminate unnecessary anxiety while allowing purposeful anxiety to guide us toward meaningful action.


Dr. Jayelle Haavaldsen, ND

Ending the “HANGRIES”: The Connection Between Blood Sugar, Mood, and Emotional Well-Being

Hangry is out, well-fed is in. In this talk, the different forms of blood sugar dysregulation will be reviewed, and how it can impact mood and emotional well-being. Practical and evidence-based nutritional strategies will be provided to help people feel their best physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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