Bi-Monthly Member Spotlight

Bi-Monthly Member Spotlight

Our members are doing amazing things all over the country and this bi-monthly feature (starting January 2022) celebrates and showcases that! Scroll down to learn more about the businesses your fellow R.H.N.s/C.H.N.s are running, the people they are helping, and the difference they are making! And if YOU would like to be featured, be sure to get in touch with us – [email protected].

May Member Spotlight

Seanna Thomas

Hockey Snacks Inc.

Instagram: @hockey_snacks
Facebook: /hockeysnacks
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Seanna Thomas has been practicing as a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant since 2010. She lives in Ontario, but is helping people all over the country and around the globe since expanding the virtual side of her business. 

“I have always been focused on helping Moms and families streamline their nutrition,” Seanna says. “Now, with [my business] Hockey Snacks, I help young athletes, teams, coaches, and their families learn to fuel for performance. And I still help busy Moms that feel overwhelmed with mealtimes, and make nutrition easy and convenient!”

The latest highlight of Seanna’s career has been a brand partnership with Quaker and Hockey Canada. “I love to work with brands that people recognize,” she says. “It’s a pleasure helping people integrate realistic and sustainable solutions into their everyday lives.”

But the biggest highlights, she continues, come when clients tell her the impact she has on their lives and how much better they feel.

The most important thing Seanna has learned in my journey so far is to delegate things to others.

“I am great at my job, and not great at things like website design and bookkeeping. Reaching out to others for help and letting THEM work in their zone of genius so I can work in mine has been life changing.”

One piece of advice she would give to someone starting out as an R.H.N. or C.H.N. is to define who you want to work with, and then launch, even if it’s not perfect.

“Many of us procrastinate for way too long, wanting everything to be a certain way. JUST LAUNCH. You can always change it.” 

One thing she loves about being a member of CSNNAA is the support.

“Having a safe place to ask questions and gather information is incredible, especially when you’re starting out.”

Find out more about Seanna and her work at

Past Member Spotlights

March Member Spotlight


Jenna Lessner

Simply Nurtured
IG: @simplynurtured
FB: @simplynuturedyyc

One of the most important things that Jenna has learned in the five years she has been in practice is that it’s not always about the food. “The majority of my clients know they should be eating vegetables and drinking more water, but it’s why they aren’t doing so, that is really key.” 

Jenna, who works with people in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, is passionate about helping her clients navigate those whys. And it’s through this process, she says, that they find the freedom to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jenna’s business focus is emotional eating and body image. She helps women feel at home in their bodies, and in control when they are around food. 

“I love helping my clients, and seeing the impact nutrition and mindset coaching has on their lives is so rewarding.”

The advice she would give to new CSNN grads is: “Meet every client where they’re at. Most of the time, less is more. Allow your client to build small key habits slowly, and over time. Diet overhauls are never successful.”

The thing Jenna loves about being a member of CSNNAA is the continued training and supportive webinars each month. Want to check out these webinars? You can do so here.

And find out more about Jenna and her work at

January Member Spotlight


Kristina Mitts

Mind Mood Microbes
IG: @mind.mood.microbes

Kristina has been in practice since 2018, and she works with clients all over the world. Through her business Mind Mood Microbes she loves helping people with chronic conditions access more energy, less anxiety and more food freedom by harnessing their microbiome. Kristina got started on this path through the process of healing herself from chronic health issues, which is how she developed an appreciation for viewing the human body as “an intricately woven piece of art”. Show More