Benefits of Joining the CSNN Alumni Association

CSNNAA is the only organization of its kind whose mandate is to support CSNN graduates. Whether you are using your nutrition knowledge in business, or simply to better your own health and that of your loved ones, we provide a community where you can connect with your peers, continue your learning, and make the world a better place!

An annual membership costs just $89 a year, but member benefits are valued in excess of $750!


Free Masterclass Webinars

Industry experts provide regular, cutting-edge webinars on topics to help keep our members current with the latest nutrition information, and help build strong business foundations (valued at more than $500 CDN).

Developed by experts in their respective fields, our webinars are offered live throughout the year on a monthly basis. Members are also able to access webinar archives to view and download the presentations at your convenience (more info below).

Free Access to Natural Medicines

When you’re looking for scientific studies and research on food and health claims, this database can provide the answers you’re looking for. Access to the Natural Medicines Database is provided free of charge to all CSNNAA members (value $182 USD).

This is THE go-to resource for natural medicines, organized into practical, searchable databases (more info below).

Discounted Liability Practitioner Insurance Coverage

Getting properly insured is critical when you are starting your nutrition practice/business. CSNNAA has secured a 25% discount with BrokerLink for its members for an occurrence-based policy.

Occurrence-based insurance policies offer lifetime coverage, regardless of when a claim is reported. This is different from a claims-made policy, which only covers you as long as you are paying the annual fee.

Our advice is to look closely when considering policies and not to base your decision only on pricing.

We provide an extensive Insurance & Legal section in our Business Tools menu (in the members-only portal). In addition, we’re available to answer your questions anytime ([email protected]).

Networking Opportunities

We offer monthly opportunities for members to connect and network online via interactive mentorship hours and networking events.

In addition, our private CSNNAA Facebook group offers members the opportunity to be part of a supportive, dynamic community of like-minded holistic nutrition professionals.   It’s a unique place to access peer-to-peer mentorship and support, as well as networking and self-promotion opportunities. It’s also a great place to find out about upcoming events. You can also follow us and connect with other members on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn (public page and private group) and Tik Tok

Finally, the annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference is an amazing way to connect and meet other practitioners in person.

Business Support

We have a host of business and marketing supports for our members who are starting out or growing a nutrition business, including monthly Tech Chats (and free access to a wealth of recordings), Business Bundles, downloadable templates, guidance on insurance and legal matters, a job board, and discounts on additional business programs and tools too.  

Professional Development

Whether you are working in the field, or using your knowledge to benefit yourself and your family, we help you stay on top of the latest nutrition information via exclusive CSNNAA webinars and discounts on continuing education.

We also help support our members to find work in the field through job posts, business opportunities, Alumni Profile listings and more. Be sure to fill out your Alumni Profile so clients can find you. 

Exclusive Member Discounts

We have developed strategic relationships with a number of allied organizations, companies and corporate partners that we know can help our members.

As a member you can take advantage of valuable discounts on insurance, natural health care products and supplements, CSNN upgrading courses and the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference.

Natural Medicines Online Database

CSNNAA offers members FREE access to Natural Medicines ($182 USD value). This is an important professional database that provides high-quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine including foods, herbs, and supplements (and 1,400+ natural medicines monographs). Natural Medicines can be accessed through your browser, and the App offers convenient reference on your smartphone or tablet.

“I use the Natural Medicines database regularly. I find it an amazing resource and use the information for my online webinars, particularly the effectiveness checker, nutrient depletions, drug interactions. It lends a lot of credibility to my recommendations.” – Tessa, R.H.N.

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Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference (CHNC)

Each year CSNNAA hosts the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, which is highly regarded as the most comprehensive holistic nutrition event in North America. Our members receive a special price for the conference!

The topic for CHNC2024 is Nourish our Future: Explore the Science & Power of Nutrition featuring speakers from across North America. Click here for more information.

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Explore Our Masterclass Webinars

All CSNNAA members have FREE access to monthly Masterclass Webinars that are designed to keep you up-to-date with current issues in the holistic nutrition profession and guide your business to success.

Members tell us that these webinars are one of their favourite perks! Whether you are running a business, or using your nutrition expertise to benefit your own health and that of your family, these webinars have something of value for everyone. It’s great to attend them live to get your questions answered, but we also record them so you can watch them at your convenience.