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Alice Russell
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I am a Natural Nutritionist and professional Cook. I have attained additional certification in supplements, herbs and mental health. Through individual and group sessions I support my clients as they tackle health and lifestyle goals. Eating Whole Foods and addressing deficiencies and excesses will alleviate symptoms related to weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy, stress management, digestion and intestinal health. I have had a long career and continue to work as a professional Cook with Level 2 Food Safe. I understand portions, ingredients lists, and nutritional facts information, food handling and food storage. My experience as a cook enables me to help my clients make cooking easy, fun and nutritious.I offer my clients Thorne Brand Supplements to alleviate symptoms associated with nutritional deficiencies. Supplements assist to reverse the damage done by consuming a diet high in processed sugars, starches and bad oils. Antioxidants are crucial to combating the toxins from our food, air and water, and the stressful lives we choose to live. We are a society that is deficient in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and healthy fats. The information out there is contradictory and confusing. Supplements need to be taken in the right dose, form and frequency.
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