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Ania Breen
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I love to grow, cook, eat and talk about food 24/7. I am a health, wellness and motivational enthusiast. I LOVE to help others to feel better through food. I am extremely passionate about digestion and how it affects the rest of our body systems. I believe strongly that if our digestion doesn't work to its fullest it causes other systems to function less effectively. I keep my food simple and nourish my body with whole foods and that is also a key with my clients.
My Education:
~ Degree in Environmental Management U of T
~ Registered Holistic Nutritionistâ„¢
~ Wellness Chef
~ Recipe Developer, Tester, Blogger
~ Wellness Writer
~ Aromatherapist
~ Nutritional Culinary Expert
My Areas of Specialty Include:
~ Digestive Issues
~ IBS, SIBO, Crohns, Colitis, FoodMAP, Food Sensitivities
~ Anxiety & Food, Emotional Eating
~ Hormonal Imbalance
~ Auto-immune Disorders - Thyroid, MS
~ Anti-Inflammatory Diets, Skin Health, Eczema, Psoriasis
~ Balancing Diets, Food Combining
~ Blood Sugar Management
~ Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar-Free
My consultation approach includes full body systems analysis with a mind, body & spirit connection, meal planners, targeted supplementation, whole food nutrition plan & clinical testing.

Thank you for visiting my profile.
Wishing You Best of Health,
Holistically Ania
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