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Allison Lena Claire Kormendy
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I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionistâ„¢ in the Yukon Territory. I graduated in 2017 from Nanaimo CSNN and started my small business Wild Roots shortly after. I currently work with First Nations Health in the Yukon Hospital Corporation. I am happy to provide Holistic case management to patients and to bring traditionally holistic medicine to the forefront of optimal health while promoting cultural safety and equity within the organization. As the owner and operator of Wild Roots, I share Holistic education and traditional teachings through workshops and products. I ground myself by going on adventures, continuing to educate myself, connecting with loved ones and sharing what I've learnt with others.
Thank you, Mahsi Cho, Quyana for taking the time to meet me and stay wild.
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Dawson City
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