Skin is our largest organ. Weighing in at approximately six pounds and covering twenty-two square feet on an average-sized person. The skin is charged with the essential job of guarding the body against extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight and harmful chemicals. It is a waterproof and insulating layer that locks in moisture, manufactures Vitamin D, and is packed with neural sensors allowing us to experience the world around us. Every inch of your skin contains 1,000 nerve endings and 19 million cells.

Maintaining the health of our skin is essential and it takes a holistic skin care approach to promote radiance from the inside out. Our skin connects us with the outside world and tells the story of our life. The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) wants your skin to tell a story of health and wellness.

Explore CHFA’s essential tips for naturally healthy skin including: natural health products; the benefits of tea for your skin; healthy oils that won’t break the bank; the boom in ethical and certified products; practical tips for every age-group; and some simple, cost-effective, natural DIY skin care recipes.

CHFA’s top take-home tips for naturally radiant skin:

  1. Nourish from the inside – make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C, A and D.
  2. Try tea for youthful, refreshed skin.
  3. Opt for natural oils like coconut oil, sea-buckthorn oil, omega-3s and argan oil to lock in moisture and heal damaged skin.
  4. Check your labels – look for certifications that align with your moral compass: organic, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, just to name a few.
  5. Embrace your decade – nurture your body’s changing needs as you age.

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