Melody Byblow

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Melody Byblow’s former career was in marketing, communications, product development and strategic initiatives, working for advertising agencies and a finance company in Toronto for nearly 20 years. It was her own chronic pain issues becoming debilitating over 10+ years that led her to pursue education at CSNN (graduated 2010). The healing benefits and progress she found with her fibromyalgia were so remarkable, she decided to leave the corporate world and pursue entrepreneurial life as a holistic nutritionist.

In her private practice, Melody coaches individuals to detoxify their daily routines, environment and food to support improvements in autoimmune issues, adrenal fatigue and other health challenges. She also is a Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador and a Stressmaster International Associate. Melody enjoys public speaking and looks for opportunities to educate and empower people to take control of their health.

She has recently relocated to Saskatoon to be closer to family and to launch her businesses there. Melody is very much looking forward to connecting with CSNN grads in Saskatchewan.

Melody also has a caregiver support role with her parents’ health challenges now. She has become a member of the Parkinson’s Support Group in Saskatoon, and has offered nutrition education opportunities for members. She will also continue to work with NHPPA (Natural Health Product Protection Association and its mission to have the Charter of Health Freedom become Canadian law.

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