by Kelsey Reidl (

In this episode you will…

  • Find out which area of your business 25% of your time (or more) must be devoted to for continual growth

  • Understand how to become a walking-talking-lead-magnet through The Art of Fascination™

  • Learn how to make a strategic choice that compels your customers to share your products & services even when you’re not around! & MORE

I’ll also walk you through the 7 principles with an associated challenge for each.

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The Relationships Recipe™

No matter what your product or service is, I can tell you with confidence that you are in the business of building relationships. Plain and simple, this should be your #1 priority every single day. At least 25% of your time should be spent connecting with past clients, nurturing current customers & warm leads, and showing up in new places where you’ll be able to meet new people and introduce them to your brand. After this module you’ll have a detailed recipe that you can follow with ease in order to become a Relationship-Building Master!

The Art of Fascination™

Are people drawn to your work? Do they express interest in the vision that you’re chasing? Is there a certain energy that follows you around everywhere you go, making it easy for you to open up about your business and gather new leads 24/7?

Being “fascinating” isn’t easy, but it’s possible for all of us. You don’t need to be interesting to be fascinating, you just need to be present, inquisitive & charismatic. In this module you’re going to learn how to become a magnet for your business, using the Art of Fascination.

The Shareability Scorecard™

Have you made any strategic operational choices that make your business shareable or talkable? Do you clients talk about you, even when you’re not around?

As one of my gurus Jay Bear once said, “the easiest way to grow your business is to have your customers do it for you”. In this module, I will teach you how to implement more talkable / shareable moments so that your customers share your products & services on your behalf, and become an army or brand evangelists!

The 10x Challenge™

Your business isn’t average. Plain and simple. If it were average, you wouldn’t be reading this.

In order to become a marketing superstar, we need to uncover the unique brilliance of your business and then double down on showcasing that to the world. This is your 10x factor!

In this module, we’re going to go hard on your 10x factor and ensure that the whole word knows how different and unique your business is.

Nobody pays attention to mediocre, and everyone pays attention to 10x beter.

The Experiential Expo™

Experiential marketing is a strategy that captures the attention of your clients using immersive, engaging & branded experiences.

Rather than try to sell your products and services, you’re focused on delivering a remarkable experience, which will naturally lead towards a sale. If you ever encountered the Pepsi Taste Challenge in the early 2000’s you know exactly what I am talking about.

We all have the ability to add an experiential element in order to allow our clients to “test drive” how awesome we are, so what are you waiting for?

The Productization Principle™

One of my marketing mentors Harry Beckwith once said “we trust what we can see and we’re suspicious of what we hear”. Since most businesses have trouble showcasing exactly what type of service they truly provide, it’s essential to work on “productizing” your service or making a tangible model to showcase what someone is actually buying.

In this module I am going to teach you how to easily showcase the transformation that clients receive when they work with you. We’ll talk about Naming Your Brand, Creating a Visual Model of your Services & Creating a Scorecard to assess new clients.

The Self-Expressed Marketer™

Your business grows as your self-expression is unleashed.

Crazy as that may sound, you’ll find that as you tap into the quirky qualities and crazy life experiences that only you posses, you’ll be able to amplify your existing marketing efforts with the most unique twists that others can’t ignore. You’ll also become a shining example of what is possible in terms of growing a business in a manner that feels good.

Despite what Marketing Guru #43 says or Facebook Ads Specialist #597 tells you – this is NO 1 right formula for your to grow your business. Nobody can give you the exact blueprint!

In this module, you’ll learn how to dust off the real-you so that you can share 110% of it with your community.

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